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Adam’s is bringing the convenience of a quick, express wash system to your driveway! We’re taking advantage of the advancements in our new Adam’s Premium Foam Cannon and Premium Foam Gun to utilize Ready-to-Use (RTU) technologies to make maintenance of your vehicle faster and even simpler! Our straightforward, two-step system is comprised of a strong foaming wash for decontaminating and lubricating during the wash process, Adam’s Foam – 01, which is then followed up with a sprayable protective sealant and drying aid, Adam’s Seal – 02. Adam’s Foam & Seal, in combination, ensure the most consistent and thorough results you’ve ever experienced from a quick, routine, maintenance wash.

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  • Step 1 of 2: Decontaminating Snow Foam to Clean and Lubricate
  • Quickly Dissolves Road Films, Dirt, Grime and Carbon Build-Up
  • Ready-to-Use by Directly Attaching to an Adam’s Premium Foam Cannon or Premium Foam Gun
  • Formulation is Exclusive to this System
  • Color Shift: Blue & Green with Eucalyptus & Lime Scent

    Adam’s Foam – 01 is a specialty detergent designed to lubricate and power through all sorts of stubborn contaminants and road films caused by salts, fluids and oils, dirt, dust and carbon. Adam’s Foam – 01 will effectively foam and lubricate the surface and is suitable for all exterior surfaces.

    Instructions for Use with Foam Cannon/Gun:

    1. Briefly wash/rinse the vehicle to lower the surface temperature and wet the surface prior to application of product.
    2. Attach the bottle of Adam’s Foam – 01 directly to the 28-410 threading built into the Adam’s Premium Foam Cannon or Premium Foam Gun. Adjust the fan pattern and open the dilution all the way to consume the maximum amount of product. Attach the Adam’s Premium Foam Cannon to pressure washer hose or Adam’s Premium Foam Gun to garden hose and start the flow of water.
    3. With a wash mitt laying on the windshield, foam the product onto all exterior vehicle surfaces including wheels and wheel wells. While the product is residing, agitate with the wash mitt working from the top of the vehicle down, flipping it over halfway through the vehicle wash. Utilize a wheel and tire brush to agitate the tires and wheel faces.
    4. Once fully consumed, remove the foaming attachment and rinse the surface thoroughly clean with fresh water.
    5. Proceed to the next step: Adam’s Seal – 02.

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Adam’s Foam 01