Adam’s Trim Cleaner


Prep your trim with Trim Cleaner to ensure a seamless bond with Ceramic Trim Coating.

  • Removes discoloration & oxidation from plastics
  • Designed specifically for preparing trim for coatings and/or dressings
  • Must be used before Adam’s Surface Prep in coating application
  • Made in the USA

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Trim Cleaner

When it comes to Ceramic Coatings, the preparation is the key to success. For paint and wheels, you carefully remove contamination through a clay bar or with polishing, but with plastic trim and exterior components, a strong cleaner is needed to penetrate the plastic and remove oxidation, dirt, and built-up contamination.

Adam’s Trim Cleaner is a crucial step as a chemical designed for deep cleansing and removal of pre-coating contamination. This product was developed in unison with our Surface Prep to take care of the bulk of the dirt, while the Surface Prep is a final wipe product to remove any left behind surfactants or residues from Trim Cleaner. Adam’s Ceramic Trim Coating provides a lasting effect on your plastics, providing hydrophobic benefits and attributes; however, it can be temperamental if required steps are not followed.

For the chemical coating to bond properly to the surface, Adam’s Trim Cleaner must be utilized and adequately used in the preparation step. Whether it’s grease, fingerprint oils, or leftover residues, your trim takes a beating and will be in serious need of cleaning. Adam’s Trim Cleaner makes the process easy using a citrus-based formula to clean and remove unwanted materials from the surface. Trim Cleaner was formulated to remove stubborn buildup and discoloration from rubber and plastic trim, panels, bed rails, etc. It effectively removes oxidation, wax, and polish residue from rubber and plastic trim components as well.

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