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Adam’s Undercarriage Cleaner

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Your vehicle is maintained to perfection up top, but what about the bottom? Over the past 18 years, we’ve perfected the process of maintaining and caring for your vehicle’s finish, your wheels and tires, your engine bay, and the inside components of your vehicle… But what about underneath? When you’re driving your weekend cruiser and swerve to miss the dirt patch with the wheels and tires, the dirt still goes someplace! When you’re driving home in your daily driver after a road trip and countless dirt roads, the dirt had to have settled somewhere! Introducing Adam’s Undercarriage Wand features a 3 part system combining the pressure of your power washer, with reach and effectiveness that you have on the exterior surfaces during a regular wash!

  • Stainless Steel fittings
  • Military Grade, Nozzle bar design
  • Handles 1500-5000 PSI
  • High-Quality Brass caster for increased mobility and steering
  • Durable rubberized wheels allow for longer life time and usability of the tool
  • 4 45 degree nozzles evenly disperse high PSI across the underside of your vehicle (IE 500 per nozzle if you’re using a 2000 PSI power washer)
  • Easily reaches completely across the undercarriage of an average passenger car
  • Low-profile (3 inch) design allows you to clean lowered/ vehicles with aggressive suspension

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The Adam’s Undercarriage Cleaner fits any pressure washer with a 3/8” quick disconnect fitting. The Undercarriage Cleaner connects the power of pressure washing from your hand to the underneath of your vehicle. 4, 45 degree angle nozzles equally combine 500 PSI across the nozzle bar to blast away dirt, grime, debris, and leave your undercarriage clean and dirt free! The moving parts under your vehicle take a beating each time you go down the road, whether through the elements or not. By cleaning the dirt and debris away from the underside of your vehicle, you’re reducing the chance of corrosion and wear and tear on your car.

Let’s say you’re an off-road enthusiast and you take your rig through the mud and silt— You’re vehicle can be easily cleaned and decontaminated up top, but the underneath still looks horrific! Blast away your weekend trip with 4 nozzles capable of throwing water 4 feet into the air off your standard pressure washer! The stainless steel fittings are ready for action and any water source, no matter how hard or contaminated.

Have a lowered car? No problem! The durable rubber casters and brass swivel wheel only take up 3 inches of clearance to get the unit fully underneath your car, while others take up over 6 inches! We chose to fit this unit with a high quality brass swivel and a pivoting joint that wouldn’t stiffen under pressure and still allow for maneuverability while cleaning.

Your undercarriage cleaner is about to be the next tool in your arsenal for your routine washes. We lose sleep at night knowing that there is dirt that we missed on the car, but now we’re clean from top to bottom thanks to Adam’s Undercarriage Cleaner.

This unit will fit any standard pressure washer ranging from 1500-5000 PSI and having 2-8 GPM of flow, but we recommend our Snub Nose attachment combined with our Swivel Extension to maximize your cleaning experience, plus you can never have too many pressure washer accessories to take your detail to the next level!

*Pressure washer not included.

*Snub Nose and extension wand sold separately

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 4 × 4 in
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16oz(473ml), GALLON(3.78 lt)

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