Adam’s Iron & Contamination Removal Kit

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All the tools you need to remove iron and other contamination from your paint and/or glass.

Deep-clean prep with Iron Remover, then clay for ultimate surface prep
Dissolves iron particles embedded into paint surfaces, changes color to purple as it works
Visco Clay and Detail Spray Remove Other bonded contaminants
Safe on clear coat and single stage paint

Kit Contains,
( 1 ) Iron Remover 16oz
( 1 ) Detail Spray 16oz
( 1 ) Visco Clay Bar Kit

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The Adam’s Contamination Removal Kit has the key products that you need to easily and safely remove all bonded contamination from your paint, prior to polishing or applying a sealant or wax.

Start by rinsing the vehicle with water and then move onto a pre-wash using Adam’s Iron Remover to dissolve iron particles embedded into the paint – these show up as little orange-brown ‘rust’ dots on light colored vehicles like silver, white, gray, and so on. They might be more difficult to see on darker colored vehicles, but odds are they are still there. After spraying down the paint and waiting a few minutes, you’ll start to see the paint “bleed” purple – this is a good thing. This is the Iron Remover chemical hard at work removing tough contamination. Thoroughly rinse the panel with a steady stream from your hose, and then move onto a Two Bucket Wash.

Once the wash process is complete, then you can begin to clay the surface with the included Visco Clay Bar and Detail Spray included in this kit. Make sure to remove both protective plastic sleeves from each side of the clay first, then wrap the Visco Clay Bar over the included Geoimpression Tool for a secure grip. Mist Detail Spray over the area to be clayed, since it’s the preferred clay lubricant for our Visco Clay Bar, then gently glide the clay bar to remove the remaining contamination that the Iron Remover may not have addressed. This could include paint over spray, tree sap, exhaust residue, industrial fallout, and other bonded contaminants that make the surface feel less than smooth.

Now that the paint surfaces have been fully decontaminated with this kit, you can then move onto machine polishing to remove swirl marks and scratches, or apply one of our sealants or waxes if the surface looks great and you just wanted to start with a clean slate before applying layers of protection!

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 in


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Adam’s Iron & Contamination Removal Kit
$79.99 $69.99