Adam’s Premium Foam Starter Kit


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Adam’s Premium Foam Starter Kit

Produces a thick, rich, foaming lather for car washing
•pH neutral Adam’s Car Shampoo rinses clean without water spots
•Our super soft wash pad holds tons of soapy water
•A great way to start using a Car Wash Foam Gun

Ready to add an Adam’s Car Wash Foam Gun to your wash routine? This is the kit for you! We’ve paired our incredible new Car Shampoo formula up with the Adam’s Car Wash Foam Gun and a wash pad to get you washing with a heavy lather and tons of foam.

The Adam’s Car Wash Foam Gun and new Car Shampoo formula are a perfect car washing pair to add into your existing wash routine. By blasting your car with copious amounts of slick, soapy, foam your car wash goes to another level, and one thats sure to attract a lot of attention from your neighbors, but its not all just for show. The introduction of pH neutral Adam’s Car Shampoo in a heavy foam to your vehicles exterior provides an easier wash process and starts to neutralize that hard water instantly, greatly reducing your chances of water spots, even in full sun.

To make this a premium trio we’ve even added our professional car wash pad. The super soft synthetic fibers are gentle on all finishes and the plush design holds tons of soapy water while it pulls dirt and debris away from your delicate clear coat. Grab this car washing combo today and be the envy of your entire neighborhood when you wash your car.

Note: The Adam’s Car Wash Foam Gun now ships with only 2 yellow-green and 2 purple metering tips. We recommend using the yellow-green metering tip and keeping the other as a spare. The purple metering tip can be used for a higher flowrate, but it will use up the Car Shampoo and water mixture in the 32oz bottle more quickly.

KIT CONTENTS :Adam’s Premium Foam Gun, 16oz Car Shampoo and wash pad

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 10 in


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