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Adam’s Dirt Lock


Adam’s Dirt Lock, a patented design that is intended to keep dirt out of your washing process. The jet turbine creates a venturi effect to extract the dirt from the washing accessory.

  • Filters Dirt Underneath Screen
  • Flexible Rubber Tabs
  • Chemical & Crush Resistant
  • Made in Canada

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Introducing Adam’s Dirt Lock, a patented design that is intended to keep dirt out of your washing process. When cleaning your vehicle, your wash pad becomes loaded with dirt, grime, and contamination. You take a huge chance at scratching your finish each time you remove dirt from a panel and dunk the mitt back into the bucket! Our Car Wash Pad combined with the Dirt Lock allows you to safely remove dirt from the wash pad each time you dunk it in the bucket.

Adam’s Dirt Lock fits securely in the bottom of your wash bucket and is powered purely by the force of your hand on the wash pad. The jet turbine design speeds up debris removal and creates a Venturi effect to extract the dirt from the washing accessory. Since the gaps and channels around the Dirt lock are tapered from top to bottom, this allows the mass of grime, dirt, and debris to be pulled underneath and not reintroduced to the clean water. Once installed in the bucket, the foam pads on the outer fins of the Dirt Lock effectively hold the apparatus in place. The flexible rubber tabs allows for the perfect fit in almost any bucket application, whether 3, 3.5, 5, 6, or 7 gallon round buckets! This chemical and crush resistant design is certain to be your new favorite detailing essential. Each time you put your hand into the bucket you are cycling dirt down through the screen and replenishing it with cleaner, reusable water for your washing.

The other products on the market have not grasped the concept of utilizing fluid dynamics to make the bucket insert act as a pump. The patented Dirt Lock design utilizes the motion of your hand to filter nearly 100% of your wash water. Each time you pulse your hand, the water is dramatically sped up by the shape of the turbine and through hundreds of tapered Venturi funnels. The compression of the water and debris passing through the turbine & Venturi funnels will blast dirt to the bottom of the bucket, with only fresh, clean water returning along the side of the dirt-lock through the fresh water troughs.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 in


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Adam’s Dirt Lock