Adam’s Deep Clean Interior Kit


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Adam’s Deep Clean Interior Kit

Got a dirty interior? Here is the perfect kit for a whole interior cleaning!

Strong Cleaning Power for the Toughest Grime
All Interior Tools Necessary for Cleaning
Refill with Gallon

Using Adam’s Leather & Interior Cleaner, Interior Scrubbing Mitt, Deep Clean Eraser Sponges, and 6oz Foaming Leather & Interior Cleaner, even the dirtiest interiors will be looking like new! This kit contains plenty of products to keep your fleet clean year-round.
Start with the Adam’s 16oz Leather & Interior Cleaner and Interior Scrubbing Sponge to agitate the surface – leather or vinyl seats, door panels, center console, and dashboard. After scrubbing, use the Adam’s 6oz Foaming Leather & Interior Cleaner with an Adam’s Deep Clean Eraser to clean any additional trouble areas or spots – the Deep Clean Eraser can remove embedded dirt and grime in a hurry! Then use one of the included Edgeless Utility Towels to wipe the surface clean and get it ready for protection with either Adam’s Leather Conditioner or Adam’s Interior Detailer.
Once the 6oz Foaming Leather & Interior Cleaner or the 16oz bottle start to get low, use the included EZ fill funnel and gallon of LIC to top off the bottles for your next job. The funnel threads onto the 16oz bottle to prevent spills while pouring; however, the 6oz foaming bottle has a much wider mouth, so the funnel does not thread onto it. Make sure to clean the Edgeless Utility Towels and Interior Scrubbing Mitt afterward by washing them in the washing machine with our Microfiber Revitalizer & Brightener to get them clean and ready for their next use. After a Deep Clean Eraser is thoroughly used, discard it and grab a fresh one from the 6-pack included in the kit.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 10 in


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