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Adam’s Bucket with Grit Guard & lid

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From the highest quality materials to the finest detail of the spin-on lid, Adam’s Grit Guard Wash Bucket is designed to do many things, but its most important job is protecting your car from wash related scratches.

An ordinary bucket allows the dirt and grit you wash off of your car with your wash pad to float around freely in your wash water, where it will be picked up again by your wash pad. Dirt particles on your wash pad act like sandpaper, scuffing away at your car’s paint finish. The result is self induced swirl marks and scratches.

Adam’s Grit Guard Wash Bucket keeps the dirt you rinse off of your wash pad where it belongs; safely at the bottom of the bucket. The secret is the ingenious Grit Guard bucket insert that allows grit and dirt particles to settle to the bottom of the bucket, where they remain trapped safely away from your wash tools and your car. The Grit Guard insert is simple, but very effective.

The Grit Guard is just part of the solution. Our bucket has a 4.25 gallon capacity and is made using a semi-transparent, super tough, polyproplylene plastic. It’s then capped with a spin on, spin off Gamma Seal lid that seals the bucket air tight. The Gamma Seal lid makes Adam’s Grit Guard Wash Bucket perfect for storing your wash tools and supplies, but it’s designed to turn your bucket into something far more useful and satisfying… A stool! With a quick twist of the lid you have a the perfect place to sit to do the nitty-gritty work on your wheels, grill, rocker panels, etc.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 16 in

2-5 gallon Buckets with Gamma Lid & Grit Guard, 5 Gallon Bucket with Gamma Lid & Grit Guard, KIT

1 review for Adam’s Bucket with Grit Guard & lid

  1. 4 out of 5

    Bruce (verified owner)

    Grit guard really helps keep the wash sponge clean of debris.

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Adam’s Bucket with Grit Guard & lid