Adam’s 8 Bottle Bag Kit

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Adam’s 8 Bottle Bag Kit

Everything to keep your car clean from grille to bumper.

Includes key products to detail your vehicle, inside and out
Towels and applicators included, as pictured
8 bottle bag has elastic straps for each bottle and a firm, flat insert for the bottom of the bag

Adam’s 8 Bottle Bag Kit provides a nice assortment of detailing essentials you will need to clean up your vehicle after a short drive, to prepare and maintain it at an event, or to polish and wax in your garage. Start by cleaning any light dirt or dust with Adam’s Waterless Wash and the two Waterless Wash Towels. Fold one of the towels into fourths or sixths, spray Waterless Wash onto the surface to be cleaned, and then gently wipe one side of the towel across the surface. Once that side has become soiled, flip to a new clean side of the towel and continue this process, then use the second towel to wipe away any remaining residue. Next move onto the windows with Glass Cleaner and our Green Glass Towels. Then finish off the exterior cleaning process with Undercarriage Spray on your plastic-lined wheel wells, and VRT on your tire sidewalls, rubber moldings, and any textured black or dark gray plastic areas like your cowl or bumper inserts. If you’re looking to add some outstanding quick shine the night before a show, or even at the show, apply a quick layer of Brilliant Glaze with the included Red Hex Grip Applicator, one panel at a time. It will haze up in about 1 minute, and you can wipe it off with ease with a plush microfiber towel (not included). Brilliant Glaze is great for your chrome and glass too! If you’re looking to do a little correction and protection before applying Brilliant Glaze, you can start by using Adam’s Revive Hand Polish with the Blue Hex Grip Applicator to polish painted surfaces to remove any light oxidation or haze and bring out more gloss and depth to the paint. Once you remove the polish residue and admire the shine, then it’s time to finish up with a quick layer of Buttery Wax, one of our easiest-on, easiest-off wax products that we offer! Lastly, this kit comes with our Interior Detailer and Edgeless Utility Towels to do weekly or bi-weekly wipe-downs of interior surfaces to keep them fresh and clean. Interior Detailer dries to a matte surface with zero shine, to preserve a factory look to your interior surfaces. Everything comes bundled in the nice 8 Bottle Bag with Adam’s logo to keep things organized and neat in your trunk or garage!

Kit Contents
(1) 8 Bottle Bag with elastic straps and bottom insert
(1) 16oz Brilliant Glaze
(1) 16oz Buttery Wax
(1) 16oz Glass Cleaner
(1) 16oz Interior Detailer
(1) 16oz Revive Hand Polish
(1) 16oz Undercarriage Spray
(1) 16oz VRT – Vinyl, Rubber, Trim
(1) 16oz Waterless Wash
(1) Blue Hex Grip Applicator (for Revive Hand Polish)
(1) Red Hex Grip Applicator (for Brilliant Glaze)
(1) Yellow Hex Grip Applicator (for Buttery Wax)
(1) VRT Super Block Applicator
(2) Edgeless Utility Towels
(2) Green Glass Towels
(2) Waterless Wash Towels

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 10 in


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